Jean Bonnet Tavern ~ Directions
The Jean Bonnet Tavern is located in the heart of beautiful Bedford County. Our establishment is easily accessible from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstates 70 & 99 and the scenic Lincoln Highway. Whether en route from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia or Bradford to Baltimore, travelers will find the Jean Bonnet to be the perfect stopping place for a delicious meal and relaxing night's sleep.
Directions From Philadelphia, PA and Points East

Continue on I-76WEST 183.2  
Continue on I-70WEST 15.5  
Turn Left on US-220-BR towards BEDFORD-ALTOONA/JOHNSTOWN 1.0 
Turn Left to take the US-220SOUTH ramp 2.8  
Take the exit towards BEDFORD 0.0  
Turn Left onto LINCOLNHWY 0.4  
Arrive at destination

Travel time:4 hours 37 minutes
Mileage: 205

Directions From Pittsburgh, PA and Points West

Turn Right to take the I-376EAST ramp towards MONROEVILLE 13.6  
Follow the ramp to towards PENNSYLVANIATURNPIKE 0.5  
Take I-76EAST/EXITS7-39 towards HARRISBURG and Merge on I-76EAST 18.5  
Continue on I-70EAST 70.5  
Turn Left on US-220-BR towards BEDFORD/ALTOONA 1.0 Turn Left to take the US-220SOUTH ramp 2.8  
Take the exit towards BEDFORD 0.0  
Turn Left onto LINCOLNHWY 0.4 
Arrive at destination

Travel time: 2 hours 33 mins.
Mileage: 108.5

Directions From Baltimore, MD and Points South

Continue on I-70WEST 4.0  
Continue on I-70WEST 0.3  
Continue on I-70WEST 23.2  
Turn Left on US-30 15.5  
Turn Left on EPITTST 0.0  
Bear Right on 0.1  
Bear Left on LINCOLNHWY 2.2  
Arrive at destination

Travel time: 3 hours 3 mins.
Mileage: 140.5

Directions From Bradford, PA and Points North
US-219 S. 68.47 miles
Turn LEFT. 0.02 miles
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. 0.20 miles
Merge onto I-80 E. 25.82 miles
Take the PA-970 exit- exit number 123- towards WOODLAND. 0.13 miles
Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.02 miles
Turn RIGHT onto PA-970. 1.45 miles
Turn LEFT onto US-322. 22.93 miles
Take US-220. 63.03 miles
Take the US-30 W exit towards GREENSBURG. 0.32 miles
Merge onto US-30 W. 2.47 miles

Travel Time: 3 hours, 59 minutes  
Mileage: 185.81

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Kitchen Hours - Tavern Hours May Be Extended
Sunday - Thursday 11 am - 9 pm
Friday & Saturday 11 am - 10 pm

Dining reservations are recommended but not required during peak weekend hours.